Open Source PDF Library For ASP.NET: PDFsharp

If you need a powerful PDF library for ASP.NET, you may find many paid solutions & it is hard to find a free one.

PDFsharp is an open source PDF library for ASP.NET that makes it possible & easy to create PDF files from any .NET language.

Free ASP.NET PDF Library

Using PDFsharp you can:

  • create new PDF documents with text, lines, curves, images, etc.
  • modify, merge, and split existing PDF files or incorporate pages from existing PDF files into new PDF documents.

PDFsharp, which is written completely in C#, includes MigraDoc lite (in German) which gives you more functionality like dealing with a document consisting of sections, paragraphs, tables, charts.

  • nasih


  • Ivqt

    Thanks For this
    Its realy Good

  • Nisha

    Thank you. It’s simple and ready to use.

  • Quan Nguyen


    I was wondering if this API can also create data table, like a datagrid?


  • florjon koci

    this looks great … but can it work to convert a html code to pdf ?

  • Hikmat Ullah