Open Source PHP Chart Library: pChart

pChart is an open source PHP chart library for creating aliased charts.

This chart classes run on any webserver that has PHP & GD library support.

PHP Chart Library

Chart types currently support by this PHP charts solution are:

  • Line chart
  • Cubic curve chart
  • Plot chart
  • Bar chart
  • Filled line chart
  • Filled cubic curve chart
  • Pie chart
  • Radars chart
  • Limits chart

For faster display of charts, pChart has a caching class named pCache which serves a chart from cache if it was rendered before with the same data.

Free PHP Charts

This project is still in development (for ex: pie charts are in beta) but updated frequently and, even now, looks very functional.

PHP classes are well documented and they can be tested in a live test area.

  • jag25

    hey guys, want to have some amazing charts then chk this out visifire an amazing chart controller filled with animation’s and powered by silverlight 2 beta 2 i tell you its a mint, offered under open source just for free

  • Gustav

    Excellent lib !! Thank you

  • psnt

    such a shame that it’s so nice looking yet so buggy and nonfunctional…

  • Klav

    Bugs looks to be corrected fast, this project is ranked #242 on sourceforge so I guess that there is an active community behind? Will use it in my next projects!


  • George

    This library is really cool, good looking and works fine for smaller numbers and “always available data”. But when you have gib numbers or big gaps between different graphs in one chart it runs into an infinity loop and just crashes. No fixes and no support from the developer. Latest update in 2008 and this tool is soooooo buggy! Don’t use it unless it is fixed. You will be able to develop but crash your live system if you have big amounts of data.

  • Tobias

    Very good library! Thanks a lot for making it Open Source!

  • i like this script

  • Thank you! Nice library!