Open Source PHP Search Engine – Yioop!

Yioop! is an open source search engine built with PHP and uses MySQL or SQLite for storing the data.

It can be configured to crawl any page it finds by following links or limited to any given number of URLs and used as an in-site search engine (like Google Custom Search).

A standard setup can crawl and index millions of pages per day and this number can be increased by running more crawlers (distributed setup is possible as well).

Yioop! PHP Search Engine

There is support for indexing many file types including HTML, DOC, PNG, JPG, GIF, XML, sitemaps, RSS and much more.

Also, the system can be controlled completely from a web-based administration interface.

  • I’ll definitely test that…
    i’m using for a long time SPHIDER, which is damn good, but has its flaws…
    i really want to see how they treat datas (weights of keywords, analysis of web page structure and semantics)

    thanks for the link !

  • dab

    just saw this and thinking about switching – recently had someone run a scan on my site and sphider showed sql injection vulnerabilities

  • Useful software, I will test it as a sphider alternative. Thanks! 🙂

  • I will try it as a Sphider alternative. Thank you ! 🙂