Open Source Web App For Scheduling Tweets: Tampon

For anyone willing to share tweets when they are not online, various web services exist to accomplish this task (I had also built an open source app: Scheduled Tweets -not updated anymore-).

Tampon is a free and open source alternative (that is inspired from Buffer) that schedules tweets.

It is a Backbone.js application that uses MongoDB for storing the data and has a PHP-based REST API.


The application allows creating a schedule with multiple entries and auto-sends your tweets at those periods.

Tweets entered can be re-ordered with drag 'n' drops or, optionally tweeted instantly.

Considering it is open sourced, Tampon can also be a good starting point for creating a feature-rich, customized version.

  • Kevin

    Such an unfortunately named application …

  • Maddia

    While the app is nice, the name is absolutely awful…

  • “tampon”? seriously? WTF are they thinking? sounds interesting but I just can’t see myself ever using something called that or even recommending it to a client.

  • Michael

    Personally, I’m not offended by the name – but I was definitely surprised to read it. Someone is going to be upset.

    I think it’s hilarious – at least, I do now that I’m past the disbelief.

  • Awesome Geek

    Nice app, and also a good example for those who want to learn backbone.js and mongodb.
    WTF! Why named tampon?
    😀 just name it vagina.

  • victor parker

    google> define: tampon. too funny, I guess a clever advertiser could show the world how to use tampon at the right period!