OSX-Style Scrollbars With jQuery – LionBars

LionBars is a jQuery plugin for creating OSX-style, custom scrollbars for any web page.

The scrollbars created looks the same in all browsers under each OS and they don't hurt the usability by not shrinking the content or with the auto-hide option.

It has support for endless scrolling (check related WRD tutorial) and can fire functions when the scrollbar reaches to the end.


  • Ed

    The author of LionBars has done a great job and should be commended.
    I would like to enter a vote here and now, though, that the whole concept of the OSX scroll bar be scrapped for all UI in the future.
    The bars “hide”? That sucks! The bars are too narrow to click on. The “arrows” made popular in Windows and other interfaces are gone (no line-by-line clicking through content). The “paging” feature by clicking in the open space of the scroll bar is gone.
    Essentially, these “features” of the OSX bar make it nearly unusable for any significant content.
    Please, just make it go away.

  • Jackson

    LionBars will no longer be supported

  • Too bad the author has discontinued development recently.

  • The “Demo-Link” http://www.nikolaydyankov.com/lionbars/ is now 404 😉