Parallax Effect With MooTools: mParallax

Parallax effects give a feel of depth & increase the visuality so much.

mParallax is a MooTools implementation of the popular jQuery plugin: jParallax (see WRD post).

MooTools Parallax

It eases creating parallax effects with offering various customization options.

There are nice examples presented like this & this.

  • I didn’t know that, very cool

  • Richard M

    This is great, I’ve been using jParallax with great joy for sometime now. It’s great to get an alternative on another framework for those times when MooTools is more appropriate.

    Those of you that have not tried this, give it a burl, be creative and see what you can get out of it. There are some amazing header possibilities with this (and jParalax) to be created.

    PARALLAX-ON Friends!

  • Pawel J

    Wow, this is very cool. Also I’m g lad it is MooTools. I will use it in my project. Thanks for the link.

  • nikhil

    thanx for this
    and i need some 3d buttons created in photshop if u have please send me friend

  • Ste

    Unfortunately the mparallax site is down.
    Any alternative site to download it ?

  • @Ste,

    I think it is only hosted on th ewebsite and sad that it doesn’t exist in the MooTools Forge.

  • Hi guys,

    I found the sources digging on internet:


    I self hosted the file on my blog as mirror:

    I looking for a nice tutorial or the examples for learn to use it.

    Could someone make a nice examples?

    We should put always the sources as mirror because if the original page vanish, you yet have one copy on your host.

  • Thanks for the files shakaran!

  • I have made a parallex effect for my website main page. hope you like it