Paymo: Full-Featured Time Tracking & Invoicing (20 Lifetime Invoice Accounts Giveaway)

Paymo, a multilanguage & web-based time-tracking / invoicing application is giving away "20 Lifetime Invoice Accounts" (normally $9.99/month) to WebResourcesDepot users. Before any more details on that:

What is Paymo?

Paymo is a very functional application for anyone (whether you're a "one-man-army" or a "team that works on same/different projects") for tracking the time that is worked on projects>tasks, analyze that time & bill your clients accordingly.


How does it work?


First thing to do is creating users (the application is totally free for up to 3 users). Considering every user may have different conditions, it is possible to set variables like workday length, timezone, week start day, etc for every user.


It is necessary to define clients (this can be yourself for your own projects) in order to create the projects. This info is also used in the invoices.

Projects > Tasks:

That's the heart of the application, yet very simple to define & use.

Projects can be created by defining the details like: the client, budget hours, price per hour & users that will work in the project. After that, tasks can be created which are the main things that the application tracks the time of.

Tracking the time:

Time can be tracked in 3 ways:

  • web-based pop-up
  • desktop client/widget (Windows, Mac & Linux supported)
  • mobile time tracking using Paymo2Go

Paymo TrackerBy simply start-stopping the tracker, the time worked on the selected tasks are added automatically. The tracker can also work offline if Google Gears is installed.

It is always possible to manually add/edit/delete the time worked on.


The invoices can be created instantly by using the time that is worked on a project & that projects's hourly rate.

It is also possible to manually add entries that doesn't exist in the timesheets which makes Paymo an independent billing app. as well.

In order to keep record of the invoices, every payment made can be added to the system & the balances of every invoice can be seen with a click.

Reporting & analysis:

The application has a powerful reporting module that makes it possible to generate ready-to-use or custom reports. The data can also be exported as PDF or CSV files for future analysis.


For anyone willing to integrate Paymo into any other application, that's pretty easy with a complete API that supports almost every feature of the application.


The best thing about Paymo is the simplicity it offers. On every step, it takes no more than a few seconds to complete a task (add an entry, get a report, etc.).

Another one is the application supporting multi-platform (Win, Mac, Linux) & multilanguage that makes it suitable for teams that are distributed around the world.

Also, it has a free version that works up to 3 users & 3 invoices/month which can be ideal for many freelancers or small businesses.

Have any questions to Paymo?

Besides reaching them using the standard ways, the friendly team at Paymo is ready to answer your questions via their Twitter account:@paymo.

How to win the "Lifetime Invoice Accounts"?

Paymo is giving away 20 "Lifetime Invoice Accounts" which enables you to generate unlimited invoices & normally worth $9.99/month.

***UPDATE – 1*** (October 8th)
As the 20 lifetime accounts have just been requested, Paymo is giving away an extra 50 "3-months-free Invoice Accounts".

***UPDATE – 2*** (October 9th)
Paymo mentioned that the upgrades to the accounts will be activated today .

***UPDATE – 3*** (October 9th)
There are still 20 "3-free-month invoice accounts" that are not requested yet. Just comment with your subdomains to get them.

***UPDATE – 4*** (October 23th)
The giveaway is officially over with all the accounts being requested.

In order to win these upgrades:

  • Sign-up for a free account
  • Mention your subdomains as a comment to this post besides any other comment you may have (comment format such as "" will make things much easier)
  • And, first 20 commenters with their subdomains mentioned get the lifetime account upgrades and the next 50 commenters with their subdomains mentioned get the 3-month account upgrades

Good luck to everyone.

P.S. Comments are moderated & may not appear instantly.

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  • The first 20 accounts seem to be already over.

    Just talked with Paymo and they are providingan extra “3-months-free Invoice Accounts” for the next 50 accounts.

    Important update: Please mention your “subdomains” rather than the ausernames in the comments (if you already commented, that’s ok).

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  • Important Info: Please mention the “subdomains” rather than the usernames.

    (For anyone who already submitted usernames that’s ok.)

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  • ***UPDATE – 1***
    Paymo mentioned that the upgrades to the accounts will be activated today (October 9th).

    ***UPDATE – 2***
    There are still 20 “3-free-month invoice accounts” that are not requested yet. Just comment with your subdomains to get them.

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    How and when do I receive the “3-months-free Invoice”??

  • @Abhinaba, @Robin,

    I just e-mailed Paymo and will be updating you back once I receive the answer.

  • Just got the reply from Paymo and all users (except the commenters in the last 2 days) are all upgraded.

    If you commented before comment ID #80454 =

    Then it is a lifetime upgrade, else it is a 3-months upgrade.

    To check if the accounts are upgraded, you can add more than 3 invoices and it will work.

    For the readers who commented in the last few days, I’m now sending the list to Paymo for the upgrades and they will be activated today..

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  • Yes, they added the upgrade. I am really sorry for the confusion.

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    Just checked your account and realize that it was previously sent. Can you check it by adding more that 3 invoices?

  • ***UPDATE***
    The giveaway is officially over and thanks to everyone for contributing..