Photoshop Plug-in For Converting PSDs To WordPress Themes: Divine

Divine is a fresh & free Photoshop plug-in for converting Photoshop files into WordPress themes.

It works by selecting spots in design files & marking them as WordPress variables like:

  • post title
  • post text
  • author link
  • etc..

PSD To WordPress Photoshop Plug-in

It produces valid XHTML-CSS code & themes are automatically widget-ready.

Divine has an integrated FTP-client & it is a very ideal plug-in for anyone who is not that into coding and/or WordPress theming.

  • yeah, its a rly create plugin…but i cant start crash everytime after start…i dont know why. 🙁

    photoshop cs4 win :/

  • If this trully works and generates precise code for WP themes…. than probably anyone who can do graphic design and cannot code it to wordpress can do that with this plugin… for profesionall webdesigners it will be disaster, for beginners – miracle… for me, both, cause it will get job done will be easier but clients would say i dont have to do almost nothing…
    But… great job was done, waiting for futher versions.

  • I’ll believe when I see it.

  • lossy

    Oh my! WordPress is so good that it need a photoshop plugin to generate his html markup.
    Next step, a plugin who the imag automatiocally in photoshop, cut it for wordpress and send it automatically into the installation.
    Golden spoon in the mouth…

  • BB

    I’m using Photoshop CS4 Extended and I don’t know where I start Divine, because it doesn’t show on toolbar. Anyone can help me, please? Thanks

  • BB

    Well, problem solved: File > Automate > Divine. But crash everytime I start it :\ Anyone can help?

  • @Patrick & @BB,

    The download page mentions Photoshop CS3, it is mybe not compatible with CS4, not sure as I have CS3 here.

  • Ariel

    I tested it with CS4 and CS3 and it didn’t work with neither of them, I even left a comment in their website talking about my problem and they deleted it. I hope they fix it and make it work for real, cuz I think it’s a terrific plugin, if it does what they say.

  • I can’t get it to work too in CS4…. 🙁 It gives me an error and says to reinstall the plugin.

  • First of all, Divine Team gives their thanks to everyone who paid attention to our product.

    We’ve already done a lot, and the main task now is constant improvement and development. At this initial stage bugs, troubles and misunderstandings are normal.

    Launching the Free version, we wanted to let you see what the program corresponds, how it works and what it actually does.

    Please don’t worry about the bugs – we take each of them into consideration due to your comments, remarks and constructive criticism.

    If you have something to say or suggest, feel free to visit our forum:

    And remember the main thing – all we do is done for you, guys.

    Sincerely yours, Divine Team.

  • I have tryed Divine and found it very Basic on the WordPress front.

    Divine produces a Basic HTML and CSS file. The setion is NOT WordPress ready, coding require. The rest is upto you. So no need to worry all you programmers, they haven’t killed us off just yet.

    REVIEW : Nice Basic product for getting you started. 4/5

  • I tried Divine on Photoshop CS3 GER, but i even cant find the Divine start Button

  • Hello everyone!

    First of all – Divine developers have already fixed all bugs and released the latest program make, please download it from our site to make sure the program works smoothly.

    Divine works both with Photoshop CS3 and CS4. After installation you’ll find the plug-in here: File->Automate->Divine

    If you have any other questions about the program, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or visit our forum

    Sincerely, Divine Team.

  • Great I’m trying it. It’s not so easy to build professional WordPress theme but for an amateur it’s great

  • Peter

    I have CS4 and it doesn´t work…

  • Divine Team

    Hi Peter,
    Divine works both with Photoshop CS3 and CS4. After installation you’ll find the plugin here: File->Automate->Divine. Try again.
    If it fails again, feel free to contact us via our contact form at the official site or visit our forum

  • Divine forum’s link has been changed to Leave your suggestions there about Divine plugin’s work.

  • Thank you for your comments and interest in Divine project.
    We are still trying our best on improving functionality of the plugin and have added plenty of new features, which haven’t been used in Free Edition, to Divine Personal one. The release of this edition will happen in the second quarter of 2010. The closed beta testing has already started. However, take it easy, the public beta version will be available soon. You’ll have a chance to get your hands on it. More details at our official site:
    By the way, be up on the plugin development at

  • Today we are happy to announce about release of completely new web service called Ideastrunk created by Divine team for everyone: customers and developers to make a problem solving easier and quicker, to create high-quality products and implement new ideas with the help and advice of professionals. It’s friendly environment, and you can try it right now enjoying its advantages and possibilities.

    Why Ideastrunk? It offers you:

    1) An information and assistance resource.
    2) Total control for implementation or improvement of web projects.
    3) Time to focus on your core activity.
    4) All kind of support any time.
    5) Clients.

    So you need not go on surfing the Internet for a suitable, inexpensive, online service to find answers to questions appeared sometimes every day or even hour. Ideastrunk is really simple and free. More details at:

  • Thank you for your interest in Divine project.

    With addition of unique features, and implementation of many suggestions of our users, the release date of Divine Elemente (formerly Divine Personal) will be announced this summer. New Name – New Possibilities.

    More details at our official website:

  • Been searching the divine website for the paid version or the release date but still can’t find it.

  • Hi Peter, thanks for your interest in Divine project. We’ll announce the release date of the first paid version very soon at our official website.

  • Good news! Now you have a chance to try yourself in Divine Elemente Edition (formerly Divine Personal one). You’ll find new functionality of this edition testing all interesting features of Divine plugin.

    So, beta testing has already started. Want to join? More details at:

  • Crag Davis

    As I understood, a full version will be released. it’s great when you can try it before purchase

  • Harry Pit

    Yes, Crag! I’ve already tried!! Good luck!

  • I would save a lot of time with this plug-in

  • Ashly

    Interesting plug-in and good testing polls! Nice work

  • Conny

    Firstly I felt upset about the plugin as restrictions were not giving me a possibility to work. But now I see it’s cool. I’m testing its extended beta. It can become a good tool for designers!

  • db

    not working in cs5,crashes soon as divine tab clicked

  • Sean

    Nice find! Will definitely give this a try.

  • If I download the 30 trial version. It is same of the full version or not?

  • I have tried it. At that time I had photoshop cs6 installed. But After downloading divine it said it is unable to find any installed version of Photoshop.

  • MrFiluta

    Not free anymore, huh?!

  • Amazing one!

  • ChazyChaz

    I just wana know when I’ve convert my theme into wordpress through divine then how can i submit it to the client…. basically the client won’t have divine to upload it through to the internet. But actually without the client uses divine, how he would be uploading the wordpress website with its animation and other stuffs…. CHEERS