PHP Image Library: WideImage

WideImage is an object-oriented PHP image library.

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It is written in PHP 5 and requires only GD2 library for manipulating images.

The library is very suitable for new generation web applications (for easier mashups) as it supports loading images from any URL besides loading them from a file, string or a valid image source.

Some features of WideImage:

  • Transformations: crop, resize, rotate, flip, mirror
  • Conversions: graysclae, negative, truecolor, palette
  • Colors/channels: merge, mask, filter, get channels, correct gamma…
  • dirk

    too bad there is demonstration of the software , you need to install it before seeing anything!
    If I am wrong or blind please help me with an URL?

  • @dirk,
    There is no online demo but the download package has the demo files.

  • Hi,

    there are two reasons why I didn’t put demos online:
    – demos are server-intensitive and I am hosting at Didn’t want to hog the servers or anything, they’re slow already,
    – the library isn’t about what it does to images; a resize, crop and rotate aren’t any different from any other library — you don’t need a demo for that, it’s all about how you, a programmer, make it resize and crop (and everything else). The emphasis is on the quality and readability of the source code, not on the resulting images. I actually think this (the programing interface, OOP and such) is the only real advantage of WideImage compared to other image libraries. After all, they all produce more or less the same results for the basic operations.

    Hope you find it useful anyway. 🙂

    best regards

  • mark fernandez

    hello..i already downloaded this application.the problem is, is there an installer? only folders are available from what i have downloaded