PHP / MySQL Ajax Star Rating Script

PHP / MySQL Ajax Star Rating Script is an unobtrusive script (which will work if the JavaScript is turned off) which you can easily integrate it with your current content.

PHP / MySQL Ajax Star Rating Script

This star rating script is not tied to any CMS so you will need some coding skills to integrate it.

It supports configuration of howmany stars will be shown in the front-end.

  • thank you! its very nice.I will integrate it to my website.

  • Error page displayed after clicking on download link

  • Thx dude! you saved me alot of time.

  • nice stuff hmmm

  • Nice Script.

  • thats nice

  • Thx for script

  • Ayman

    i integrated it to joomla but when i press to vote the ajax still loading any idea for this problem?

  • Thank you vary much! I wish it will working well 🙂

  • very nice rating script thanks a lot.

  • Vaibhav Shahu

    Thanks for the code.
    It worked for me in Joomla

  • jimmy

    the problem is when the pages load is not completed and user click the stars… its go to db.php?blha blah what is the solution for this?