PHP – MySQL CMS App.: Constructr

Constructr is a fresh open source CMS application built with PHP & MySQL.

With an Ajaxed backend, this CMS application uses TinyMCE for content editing & supports clean URLs via mod_rewrite.


The admin interface has:

  • Backend user & right management
  • Asset center for uploads
  • Integrated search engine for asset
  • Automatic sync after FTP-uploads
  • Automatic thumb´s for image-uploads
  • Integrated shadowbox-viewer for assets
  • Customizable backend language (Available: DE, EN, US, CH, AU)
  • Live preview  for hidden pages and content

For the frontend:

  • Cache system
  • File based templates
  • Multilingual frontend support
  • Use a frontent that fits your special needs (pure PHP and MySQL, Smarty, Flash …)
  • Individual 404 error page
  • Automatic RSS 2.0-Feed for every single content

Like mentioned, this free content management system is still fresh but frequently updated & looks promising.

  • chris

    After reading this post I created an account and took it for a test run, but the interface is still half baked and can’t be used for any real world application. This looks very promising, we should wait a bit before posting these projects to become more mature before burning them off in their early stages.

  • @chris

    half baked -> that´s hard to read. I use Constructr CMS for several real World Applications (Portfolios, Corporate Websites, multilingual Websites and the first Community will be launched in early 2009). What do you mean with half-baked (let´s help to make it better)?