PHP RSS Parsers

PHP RSS Parsers are what many PHP developers looking for these days as every web application or website has some RSS input or output.

RSS parsers make the use of RSS simpler as they have overcame the known RSS parsing difficulties.

WebResourcesDepot have collected the most popular free RSS Parsers coded with PHP:


SimplePie is a PHP code library that makes it very easy to use RSS & Atom feeds. SimplePie is fast and standards compliant as it supports:

PHP RSS Parser

  • RSS 0.90
  • RSS 0.91 (Netscape)
  • RSS 0.91 (Userland)
  • RSS 0.92
  • RSS 1.0
  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom 0.3
  • Atom 1.0

This PHP RSS parser class has also plugins for favorite web services.



lastRSS is also a simple yet powerful PHP class for parsing RSS feeds.

  • All RSS versions supported (0.9, 1.0 and 2.0)
  • Transparent cache (doesn’t cache RSS file directly, neither HTML output, but serialized variable; cached data isn’t parsed every time, but you can still access individual fields)
  • pubDate/lastBuildDate conversion to any date/time format
  • Character encoding conversion (all encodings supported by iconv library)
  • Returns an associative array with RSS fields
  • Regullar expression parsing (very quick)
  • Strips HTML from description (both hard-coded and entity-coded)
  • Optional limit the number of returned items
  • Two ways how to proceed CDATA information (get/strip CDATA content)



This PHP RSS parser class also supports well known feed formats like RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 & Atom.

  • Easy to use
  • Parses most RSS formats
  • Integrated Object Cache
  • HTTP Conditional GETs
  • Configurable
  • Modular



Zend_Feed provides functionality for consuming RSS and Atom feeds. It provides a natural syntax for accessing elements of feeds, feed attributes, and entry attributes. Zend_Feed also has extensive support for modifying feed and entry structure with the same natural syntax, and turning the result back into XML. In the future, this modification support could provide support for the Atom Publishing Protocol.


  • Look like SimplePie is the most advertised project.

    Did you actually use any of those?

  • MagPie is a great tool for parsing feeds. It’s also got some caching features.

    I am using MagPie for, a local blog list, and grittr, a tool that aggregates newspaper feeds.

  • @Binh Nguyen,

    I had used lastRSS & had tested Magpie before. Before this post I simply tested SimplePie.

    lastRSS & Magpie are very well known & used.

    I discovered SimplePie recently. It looks very promising and being developed frequently. I’ll give it a try for sure.

    With small number of feeds, all of them can give similar results. If anyone has an experience on performance or else please share..

  • Nathaniel B

    Cool stuff, thanks for letting me know =)

  • You forgot Zend_Feed, part of Zend Framework. 🙂

  • @Simone,

    Thanks for reminding. I didn’t know about it as I’ve never used Zend. I’ve added Zend_Feed to the list.

  • there’s another rss parser on that just parses all rss feed and extensions (for php5+ only) and it’s free

  • Ron

    There’s a good O-O port of Richard James Kendall’s PHP RSS Parser: here

  • I’ll have a look at the first one (not heard of before) – i’ve been using feedforall’s free php solution.

  • MagPie is a great tool ..(my recommend only )

  • MagPie is the best tool!

  • I agree that SimplePie is looking great…MagPie hasn’t been updated in years.

  • masipay

    magpierss works only for rss with known tags like channel, item .. for customized rss it doesn’t work.
    A good parser should recognize the tags and stack them, I think. I am trying to parse some rss that has tags like and , don’t ask me why and who made such rss but anyway magpie doesn’t work, any other parsers?

  • Yes (: MagPie is the best tool!

  • Yes, simplepie is powerfull website scripts

  • im looking for a guide on building rss parser clsass.

    have any idea anybody?


  • good one. thank you!

  • I have worked with MagpieRSS. It is cool and easy to use with. I have developed a simple RSS / ATOM Feed Reader Script in PHP.

    Try this url for the demo

  • i will try it

  • Alan

    I have worked with simple pie but is too big and very hard for me to customize.
    Now i swiched to BNC Advanced Feed Parser.
    I love it because I can use different templates for the feeds

  • SimplePie works.. for me best .. saves.. time

  • The Title from this site is blank when using the last rss.
    Any ideas?

  • @Geoffrey,

    The feed has the title item and not sure why there is such an issue.

  • The Truth is Hard

    I think many people commenting here must be blind or retarded. If you check on rss parsers in php world then you will hardly find anything, that has such a high quality like the python – but why? is it because people actually do not TEST??? Or is it because they just are not sceptic enough? I tried magpie and found on the first five feeds one that can not be parsed by magpie – also ALL of these parsers are simply not robust enough for the real world – they maybe can handle a few rss feeds, but out there are many, many sites that spit out broken feeds and a good parser CAN handle them.
    Finally I am really asking myself what kind of self-understanding has an author like the one of this post here, if he does not even present a rudimentary idea of how to test an rss parser – what actually are the criteria to test for and how can you prove, that a parser is good or not? Only saying “this is cool” is totally foolish and only shows, that there is no critical thought in the brain – but a programmer has to have exactly this ability – he must be able to think for himself!
    So go out, check the feedparser unit tests and then rewrite this article and make it something substantial! And all the kiddies that commented like “me too haz fanboi of feedz!” should really start using their brains, too!

  • @The Truth is Hard,

    Sorry to see that you’re commenting without reading. Please check the title + the intro and see it is only focused on PHP ones (not the best ones, the popular ones).

    Also, I have used all except Zend_feed. They are all good (with 10,000+ feeds). But for me, SimplePie was the most stable one and still performs great.

  • I am using Simplepie for India News aggregation in my site However it has been so slow and I’m looking at other options.

  • Hey Tamil,

    Sorry to hear that. We’re always working on making SimplePie faster, but the best way to make it faster is to separate the updating from a feed into a different script. This ensures that people loading the page will not have to wait while SimplePie updates.

    If there’s anything we can do to help otherwise, please let us know via the support mailing list:

    Ryan McCue
    SimplePie Lead Maintainer

  • Tamil

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the response. Could you please tell me how to separate the updating from a feed into a different script.


  • Osi

    Any that works properly with PHP5?

    SimplePie: it is no longer maintained/developed, and does not work with PHP5, hundreds of errors. former author admitted they wont be fixed. 1.x, 1.2, 1.3 (broken for php5.3.x)

    Both MagpieRSS and LastRSS have the same bugs as SimplePie (depricated bugs)

    Haven’t tried Zend_RSS, but it requires a framework, and I don’t need bloat in my app.

  • Jon

    SimplePie is now being maintained (new version released 14 Oct 2011) so worth checking if it fits your requirements.

  • SimplePie is the leading RSS library currently.