Pixel Proliferation: A Toolset For Managing Screen Resolutions

PunchCut, a user interface design company, is sharing a set of resources named Pixel Proliferation which present visual concepts and facilitate the conversations that get the design moving.

It includes:

  • a collection of Photoshop® CS5 marquee-tool presets for common screen resolutions. These cover both fixed-screen resolution sizes and ratios for less common resolutions that fall within standard ratios.
  • a set of layered Photoshop CS5 PSDs each providing common devices (iPhone4, Google Nexus, Motorola XOOM and more.) for comping and design presentations. These devices cover the standard ratios and device types (televisions, tablets, smartphones). The screen sizes are to scale to help put designs in accurate and realistic context.
  • a reference chart for resolutions and device landscape.

Pixel Proliferation