Powerful CSS Menu Creator: CSS QuickMenu

Update 26.12.2008: This post is updated to reflect the original application.

CSS QuickMenu is a very powerful & web based CSS menu creator application.

CSS Menu Creator

After selecting the menu type & clicking the "customize menu" button, you can reach the editor.

The editor helps you to:

  • Add/remove/update menus & submenus
  • Update colors, fonts, borders..
  • Choose animations
  • Choose CSS shapes
  • Decide whether the menu will be reachable via keyboard or it will be horizontal/vertical & more..

It also enables you to add your own CSS styles and see the results instantly.

After creating the menu, HTML & CSS codes can be reached easilt via the "save" button.

  • Warning: This site application has stolen from Opencube.com and http://www.opencube.com/qmv_vdesign6/qmv6/run001.html.

  • @E-Siber,

    I believe the application is not stolen as it can be purchased at OpenCube.

    On the other hand, thanks for the info as I had no idea that the original application was the OpenCube one & I’ve updated the post accordingly.


  • jigger

    I like both sites… but as I tried to look on http://www.cssmenu.com recently I only got an error message. Was this site closed down or is there just a temporarily error?