Powerful PHP Charts Library: JpGraph

JpGraph is a feature-rich PHP library for creating good looking charts.

It has support for almost any chart type including bar, line, pie, scatter, radar, field, stock and much more.

Some of the charts have the option to be created in 3D and they are all web-friendly (usually 2-3 kb).


The library is very flexible, any number of plots can be drawn in every chart, objects can be rotated, etc.

JpGraph has built-in images for plot marks including 3D rendered markers like diamonds, squares, bevels, balls and pins.

And, a very original feature, it has a pre-defined function to create flags for 200+ countries.

To sum up, the library is really an impressive one and it is free to be used in non-commercial, open-source or educational projects.

  • GiN

    pChart is better

  • That is a great tool that can be used for informatics.

  • MFJ

    its really useful for me. i search a lot but i don’t fine any thing… but today i found it…

    thanks for great PHP pic chart posting…

    Thanks again

  • Fan

    Use it for uptime robot!

  • Raj

    Can you also cover Fusion charts for PHP charts, they are also very easy to use …. http://www.fusioncharts.com/PHP/ (surprisingly this is not linked from their homepage), many people may not be aware of it.