Process Images Easily In PHP With Asido

Image processing is needed in almost every web application like creating watermarks, uploading & resizing avatars, cropping them & similar tasks.

Asido is a feature-rich image processing class for PHP that fits to any environment like GD2, Magick Wand and Image Magick. It supports both PHP4 & PHP5 (newer versions support only PHP5).

An example of adding a watermark to an image:

PHP Image Watermark

And the code:

$i1 = asido::image(
asido::watermark($i1, 'put-the-watermark-image-here.png');

It is really simple and clear.

Asido can:

  • resize
  • watermark
  • rotate
  • copy
  • crop
  • grayscale
  • convert

images with ease. To develop faster, Asido is worth a try.

  • Ya good stuff.. I will try it ..

  • wow, ill try this now 🙂

  • mohsin

    how i can want to rotate an image in silverlight?
    how i can use image processing operation in silverlight like
    emboss,diffuse,spia,invert etc.

  • ricco

    im using class:asido, im having a problem when the the $_FILES is NULL or empty, im declaring it on a if and else if condition but still having a error display regards with “not storing file” and “Source file not readable”