Prototype Star Rating Library: Starbox

Starbox is a star rating library built on Prototype Javascript framework which you can use to create most types of star rating systems with 1 png image.

In order to add some extra effects to the star rating code, you can add as well (sample codes can be found in the Starbox website).

Prototype Star Rating

Some features of Starbox:

  • Re-rating allows you to adjust your previous rating.
  • Easily saving your rating with Ajax using the build in callback.
  • Styling the Starbox based on status (hover, rated and locked).
  • Good seperation of Javascript, CSS and images.
  • A ghosting bar that tracks your average.
  • Batched building of Starboxes based on cached overlay images.
  • Thanks for posting this.

  • Partha Pratim Roy

    I am currently using starbox for rating system and ajax for paging while listing the records of images, every thing is fine, rating system is okay but when I move to the next page rating system is not working, the DOM is not loading.
    How can I do this?

  • Ouueahh! In love with the blue ones. Definitely will use the Starbox at my site. Thanks for sharing!