Putler – Awesome Sales Analytics App (3 Acc. Giveaway & Free Month To All Readers)

Selling goods and/or services through web is great and there are lots of tools to accomplish that.

However, it is hard to analyze sales, revenues, expenses, refunds, etc. if we accept payments through multiple providers and multiple sites (anyone searched for a transaction at PayPal probably experienced this).

Putler, an Adobe AIR-based application, is a powerful sales analytics companion to anyone selling through web.


It is integrated with all popular payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout..) and e-commerce softwares (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce..).

Additionally, with its API, any other gateway can be integrated pretty quickly.

The app provides you a quick snapshot of the sales, revenues, best selling products and more for a given period.

Also, you can easily see the trend, all transactions of a customer and even estimates in a chart-supported interface.

Putler Sales View

Putler is not all about viewing but can perform actions like issuing refunds or managing subscriptions which would normally take a time from the payment provider’s web interface.

Although a connection is required to pull the data from payment providers and e-commerce apps, after that, working offline is possible too. And it works fast when offline.

They are also working on a new mobile app and the web version will be released next year.

Additional free month to all

When you sign-up for a paid plan, using the coupon code wrdfreemonth, you get an additional month for free. Thanks to the guys at Putler for offering this.

P.S. The offer is valid until 31 Dec 2013

The giveaway

3 Annual Premium plans are being given away and, in order to join, please comment to this post.

Winners will be selected with the query below and announced a week later (16 Dec 2013).

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Steven Taylor (comment #1284316)
  • Spencer Spencerh (comment #1284220)
  • Darren Miller (comment #1284243)


  • shemada


  • Jose Manuel Vega

    I have been using Putler for a while, it really works.

  • Spencer

    Very curious to see if we can integrate this into our custom shopping cart platform. I love the interface so far.

  • Chris

    Wouldn’t mind trying this one out, the API looks pretty good. I could probably try building an OpenCart integration (unless someone’s already working on it).

  • Ganjar Setia M

    You right, it’s hard to analyze sales, revenues, expenses, refunds.

    If Putler, can solve all selling problem, that would be great.

  • Darren Miller

    Looks very interesting. Good visual design, will be very useful.

  • Waqas Ahmed

    Awesum application for sales analytics companion

  • JR

    Looks very interesting…

  • very nice app…

  • Steven Taylor

    Just downloaded the app, and configured my PayPal account. Loving it !! Good work guys..

  • gp2727

    Count me in for the drawing for a free subscription!!!!
    Software looks great….

  • Erhan

    Thank you. Very useful

  • Irina

    Looks very useful if you don’t want to give full access to your Paypal for your VA

  • Ron


  • Congratulations to all winners! Have sent you instructions on getting the Premium Annual plan for free!