25+ Real-Life Wix Examples for Your Inspiration (2019)

by May 20
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Wix, founded in 2006 as an all-in-one platform designed to give people a simple way to build and manage websites, currently boasts over 148 million users. It hosts all your data, requires zero coding skills, and lets you launch both a blog and eCommerce shop.

But perhaps one of the most appealing features Wix offers website owners is the library of 500+ pre-designed templates. No matter what type of website you’re looking to launch, Wix has a template for you. You also have access to a drag and drop interface that makes site building a cinch. And while Wix doesn’t offer the same level of functionality and flexibility that a self-hosted solution like WordPress does, there’s no denying that Wix gives beginners an easy way to build a site from scratch with no technical knowledge.

If you’re thinking about using Wix for your website, or just need a little inspiration for your existing site, check out our roundup of some real-life Wix examples to see just what you can accomplish.

1. Monica Pack Pilates

monica pack pilates

Monica Pack Pilates is a website dedicated to fitness and uses one page site design mixed with smooth parallax effects. It has a large background image to catch your attention right away. And as you scroll, you are met with a variety of beautiful pastels color schemes, relevant imagery, and links that lead you to additional information.

To make booking a Pilates session easier on clients, Monica Pack Pilates adds a convenient contact form not only in the navigational menu, but at the bottom of the page too. Not to mention, the navigational menu is sticky, so readers can easily see all the content they want with ease.

2. Seven Grams Caffe

seven grams caffe

Seven Grams Caffe is one of the best restaurant websites and Wix examples around. It starts off by displaying a large, fullscreen image to give site visitors an idea what the site is all about. After scrolling to the bottom of this one page site, you’ll see an impressive footer section, complete with location information, social media icons, and sticky buttons for ordering online. And don’t forget the beautiful image gallery mid-scroll that shows off Seven Grams Caffe’s shops, food items, and of course, delicious drinks.

The eCommerce portion of the site is opened in a separate tab so as not to ruin the overall user experience. It includes product images, social sharing, variable product options, and more, all using the popular Square payment gateway that easily integrates with Wix.

3. Jordan Likes Birds

jordan likes birds

Jordan Likes Birds is a simple Wix website that acts like a landing page for prospective clients. Click on illustration, vis dev, graphics, or stories/boards categories to be taken to extensive portfolios of Jordy Farrell’s best work. In addition, if you select the Books menu item from the dropdown, you’ll be taken to a list of Amazon affiliate books you might be interested in purchasing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your already successful Wix website.

Follow Jordy on Instagram by clicking the social media icon in the header section. And most unique of all, find a link to a secret portfolio by clicking on the custom icon in the header.

4. Calvin Pausania

calvin pausania

Calvin Pausania is a director, photographer, and designer that uses Wix to highlight his projects and give people a way to get in touch. To start, he makes a powerful statement by using a predominantly black color scheme with pops of color throughout to grab people’s attention and make them want to know more. And if you want to explore his website, all you have to do is click on the Menu button and navigate the lightbox that pops up.

The portfolio images found in this website are large and bold, and reading about Calvin’s story in the dedicated About page is more than captivating.

5. Jérome Studio

jerome studio

Jérome Studio is an online shop that sells elegant handbags. The team behind this chic Wix website provide site visitors with both a sticky header and footer section. In other words, there are two navigational menus at once, separated so as to not overwhelm the customer. In addition, you can check out which items are in your cart in the upper right hand corner, click your favorite product to learn more and buy, and even log in if you’re a registered user.

Want to create a sense of urgency in your own Wix shop? Do what Jérome Studio does and add a small banner on the top portion of your website. Here, you learn that Jérome Studio donates 5% of every purchase to children in need. This strategy not only helps the community, but generates more sales too. Your banner can be customized however you like so you garner more sales in less time.

6. Helena Krüger

helena kruger

Helena Krüger is an illustrator that seeks to showcase her best work to the public so that businesses and private clients alike will hire her for their own custom illustrations. Her use of whitespace causes her grid of illustrations to pop out in a clean and modern way. In addition, after getting to see a little bit of her best work, Helena presents site visitors with links to her best-selling products and online store for more.

She makes it very clear what type of work she does and how to get in touch for a quote. And if you aren’t quite sure exactly what you want, you can always link to her photo gallery modules and see each piece of work up close and personal in the lightbox popup.

7. Adam McCain

adam mccain

Adam McCain has a beautiful website built on Wix that shows people who he is and what he does. There’s a large background image that shows Adam’s personality. In addition, he gives people a chance to connect on social media, link out to images in his gallery, and even book him as a speaker for your event.

Wix gives Adam a way to connect people to his YouTube channel. It’s powerful features even give Adam a way to highlight featured speakers that you can learn more about and reach out to on multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

8. Marco de Haunt

marco de haunt

Marco de Haunt is part of our Wix examples roundup because it has a landing page like homepage and lets site visitors check out the music or graphic/photography categories. The large background image on the homepage is dark and brooding, which gives the impression that the work found here is darker and more serious than other artists.

Check out extensive photo galleries, complete with the ability to like or share via social media or email. And if you want to get in contact, all you have to do is click the contact CTA button and find the contact form to fill out. You’ll also find additional information, such as an email and address if you need to know that too.

9. Leandro Pedretti

leandro pedretti

Leandro Pedretti’s Wix website is a neutral one page site that shares with others the type of work he does, services he provides, and social networks he frequents so you can connect. Click on a link in the services module to view additional information and a stunning slider gallery.

In addition, notice how the imagery blends well with the text and standout video image that meets the eye once you click on the website. It’s details like this that Wix offers website owners that are trying to push ahead of the competition and encourage people to convert.

10. SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo

soflo cake & candy expo

SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo does an excellent job of taking an overwhelming amount of information and displaying it to site visitors in an organized and easy to understand way. Plus, the color scheme they use is fun and bright, which is perfect for bakers that want to bring joy into the lives of others.

People can buy tickets to the next cake and candy event, check out their online shop and get the ingredients they need, and even advertise their own businesses in the ad sections offered throughout the website. Lastly, as a way to build a bigger email list and get more subscribers, the creators of the SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo offer 10% off tickets for signing up.

11. Eat Live Sleep

eat sleep live

Eat Sleep Live is a food blog that caters to French cuisine. It makes use of Wix’s ability to handle image-heavy sites without sacrificing site speed or performance. In fact, after scrolling a bit down the homepage, you’ll notice a full width slider that shows exquisite detail on all the featured food recipes that loads fast and makes you hungry for more.

This food blog also makes connecting via social media, contacting the team for advice, and navigating the website easy thanks to the detailed footer section.

12. Tobias Becs

tobias becs

Tobias Becs knows how to introduce himself to the world at large, even when they are so many other people doing the exact same thing. He uses a bold image to showcase himself and his skills (as a football freestyler), takes advantage of the sticky navigational menu and social media icons, and most notably includes large images mid-scroll that link to his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

Because Tobias uses Wix as his CMS, he is able to create a daily vlog section that his loyal followers can watch. And since video content is so popular these days, this approach to “blogging” increases site engagement and creates a stronger community.

13. Kome Waza

kome waza

Kome Waza is another wonderful restaurant site using the Wix platform as a CMS. To start, the fullscreen image seen on the homepage leaves a great first impression. Plus, it’s fading effect gives a different vibe than a traditional slider gallery.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll notice the site has creative footers. First, check out the restaurant’s address, complete with a small image section that continually changes. Next, view the restaurant’s physical location on the map module, and access the phone number, email address, and social media icons for staying connected.

14. BeardTamer


BeardTamer is a website that showcases just how Wix lets site owners use parallax effects on their homepages to leave a lasting impression. There’s a stunning background image with text overlay that follows you as you scroll down this one page eCommerce site.

Adding to that, BeardTamer includes large imagery throughout their site to highlight their product and their message. Lastly, notice the use of creative fonts in the company logo, navigational menu, contact form, testimonial section. Though they are all different, thanks to the flexibility Wix offers, they also complement each other in a harmonizing way.

15. Louise Whitehouse

louise whitehouse

Lousie Whitehouse takes her artistry seriously, as you can read about in her About section. She takes a minimal approach to her web design and showcases her best work to convince people to buy. In addition, she loves to share stories in her blog that are not only heartfelt, but valuable. Plus, this site is an excellent example of a stunning black website.

A beautiful grid like layout is used in the portfolio section of this website. It comes complete with plenty of whitespace so there are zero distractions. Her blog posts have large featured images that pique interest before you even set out to read the post itself. And connecting with her via social media is easy thanks to the dark social media icons that appear throughout her website.

16. Stolen Goods

stolen goods

Stolen Goods is an online clothing store that uses simplicity to stand out. From the pale color palette to the vertically centered web design leading people to their online shop, Stolen Goods is the epitome of minimalism.

Once you enter the online shop, you are presented with organized product images. Not to mention, there’s a navigational menu that will take you to the category of your choice and social media links so you can stay connected. Buying from this online shop is super simple thanks to the PayPal payment gateway that Wix supports.

17. The Ancient Mariner

the ancient mariner

The Ancient Mariner is one of the truly unique Wix examples on our list. As a port side restaurant made to mimic being out on the open sea, The Ancient Mariner focuses on the user experience both on their website and in their restaurant.

To start, they use a map module to show you their exact location. Additionally, they provide links to external reviews on Tripadvisor and a link to the restaurant’s full menu. This menu is complete with large images, full descriptions, and prices. Because of this you get excited about the unique dining experience you’re about to sign up for.

18. Lera Mishurov(a)

lera mishurov(a)

Lera Mishurov(a) is the perfect example of a Wix website being used to sell a skill. Illustrators, animators, etchers, and other creatives can take inspiration from this website. For instance, the images found throughout the website are custom drawings by the freelance artist herself. This shows potential clients a bit of her work and her personality in an attempt to convince them to buy.

You’ll notice that each webpage has a Wix module displaying the number of Facebook likes the site has. This happens to be an effective form of social proof. Lastly, you can check out the clickable Contact menu item that takes you to the built-in contact form for staying in touch with prospective clients.

19. Stylists in Crime

stylists in crime

Stylists in Crime is a company that deals with advertising, fashion, magazines, brands, music, and television. They aim to reach a global audience, and have an extensive portfolio filled with editorials, video clips, commercials, and elite brand advertisements.

Get in touch via social media, even lesser-known ones like Behance, by clicking the icons that appear throughout the site. In addition, view the portfolio images, displayed in neat grid columns and get a feel for their work. Also, contact the stylists in crime that are responsible for such breathtaking work.


i am eve

IAMEVE is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller that taps into geometry and surrealism. Bu doing this, she hopes to inspire people to learn to balance the masculinity and femininity in the world. She also works hard to express her deep desire to share heartfelt music with the world by using dark, mysterious imagery.

Subscribe to her newsletter using the subscribe box module and connect via social media by clicking the social network icons. Learn more about IAMEVE’s musings by reading her blog. You can even register for upcoming events and shop in the online store for merch and music. And lastly, make sure to check out IAMEVE’s video content modules that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

21. John Harris Wedding Films

john harris wedding films

John Harris Wedding Films is a great website to take inspiration from if you’re a videographer or photographer. It uses a modern and clean font and light pastel color schemes that are reminiscent of wedding days. Plus, there are plenty of images and video content to showcase just what the team at JHWF can do.

This simple Wix website turns what could be a lot of information into organized chunks of text. For instance, there’s a portfolio, testimonial, contact form, and pricing section making it clear to people what to expect from JHWF.

22. Animal Music

animal music

Animal Music is an impressive portfolio that catches your attention from the start. To start, it has a fullscreen video module that occupies the entire header section of the homepage. From there, the grid layout of video clips make it easy for you to see individual pieces of work completed by the team at Animal Music. What’s more, you can also like and share the clips with others.

Want a neat way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter? Give out some free swag from your company like Animal Music does (free t-shirt anyone?) and get people to sign up. In addition, create a team specific webpage and put some faces to the names and set up a contact form for people to get in touch with your company.

23. Balloon Rouge

balloon rouge

Balloon Rouge is a Wix website that utilizes the format of a landing page to guide people around. On the homepage, you see a fullscreen image providing a glimpse into the creativity Balloon Rouge offers clients. You’ll also have access to contact information and links to the rest of the site in the footer section.

Once you enter the site, you are presented with a one-of-a-kind navigational menu in the shape of a tree. Just click on any one of the menu items to be lead to a portfolio of related works. And the best part about this website has to be the small, attention-grabbing animations that appear every time you click on a new page.

24. Thank God It’s Monday

thank god its monday

Thank God It’s Monday is a sleek and cool website that has a lot going on at once. For example, it has a variety of font styles, imagery, animations, and sections for site visitors to view. It also comes with a non-traditional vertical slider that lets visitors click through the homepage content.

When you click on the different types of branding work the creator of Thank God It’s Monday does, you are met with smooth parallax effects, stunning background images, and plenty of text overlay that are convincing enough to even the most skeptic marketer. And the cool thing is, you too can do the same with your Wix website.

25. Le Tigre Tents

le tigre tents

Le Tigre Tents is a wonderful example of how a simple service can not only be lucrative, but exciting too. And after you take one look at this website, you’re sure to feel the same excitement. Fabulous custom imagery, inspirational font pairings, video content, and lightbox popups of the tents in action are the norm on this Wix site.

And don’t forget the staples site elements. For instance, social sharing, social media counts, a built-in contact form, and vertical sliders are all included in this website.

26. Amber Schormans

amber schormans

Amber Schormans take a minimal, subtle approach to promoting what they have to offer, which is portrait and fashion photography. Each portfolio section that highlights different works or events takes advantage of the Wix lightbox gallery. This way users can see beautiful photos up close and personal.

This website has no dedicated blog section, contact form (just an email), or eCommerce shop. Instead, the focus always remains on the message the photographer’s trying to portray and her related works.

27. Brown Owl Creative

brown owl creative

Brown Owl Creative uses Wix to create a dynamic website full of colorful animations. Plus, it comes with grid layouts and smooth parallax effects as people explore portfolios, the blog, and the CTA button.

One way Brown Owl Creative keeps things consistent across their Wix website is with video content. Some people prefer video over written text. So, adding these clips help boost site engagement and your overall SEO efforts.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Over 25 of the best real-life Wix examples found on the internet today.

Wix is a powerful platform that offers poeple a great way to promote their products and publish their blog content. Plus, since it’s a comprehensive CMS, it eliminates the need to hire a professional developer.

If you need some more web design ideas, be sure to check out our roundup of stunning Squarespace websites and see if there is any design inspiration you can get from those too.

Have you ever had success using Wix to create a website? If so, we would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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