Scrollable: jQuery Plugin To Scroll Content

Scrollable is a flexible & lightweight (3.9kb) jQuery plugin for creating scrollable contents.

Any content (HTML, video, text..) can be used as a scrolling item. And, it supports vertical scrolling besides the standard horizontal scrolling which makes it very ideal, specially for news sites or portals to present the flash contents.

JQuery Scroll Plugin

Other features of Scrollable are:

  • Setting the number of visible items
  • Mouse, arrow keys and mousewheel (requires mousewheel.js) support
  • Programmatic actions: next, prev, nextPage, prevPage, seekTo, begin, end
  • Know when list is scrolled with custom event listener

This jQuery plugin is built by the FlowPlayer team (see WRD post) and includes great examples (this & this) with FlowPlayer integration.

  • Awesome

  • Xeno

    Finally! Been waiting for a decent example of a side scroller in jQuery. I mainly deal with the backend and have been trying to integrate jquery into the PHPulse framework. This was a nice bell and whistle I wanted to add for a top login bar. Thx.

  • Daz

    Love it

  • Greg

    What is the point of this versus jquery scrollTo, serialScroll, localScroll?

  • shank

    i am unable to find the source code for it.
    Please provide the source code or the plugin used in it.

  • @shank,

    You can get it from the download link above the resource’s page.

  • this plugin isn’t that great!

    works in a div within a div.items.
    not easy to extend, and scroll option doesn’t seem to take its argument in a non image content

  • I was looking for a good horizontal scroller that can scroll both images and text. In this instance I think a Flash based scroller is much better looking and works best.

  • I think the scroller is a bit confusing to be honest, not a good user experience. Thanks