Self-Hosted & Good-Looking HTML5 Portfolio Websites – Showkase (3 Licenses Giveaway)

Showkase LogoIf you are looking for a quick way to create a good-looking portfolio website, there is a nice and professional option for that: Showkase.

Showkase is a self-hosted, PHP-powered and very easy-to-use app for building HTML5 portfolio websites.

It has a portfolio-focused, simplified admin interface where new pages (about and contact us pages) can be added, galleries can be created and images uploaded.


Images can be uploading with multiple ways, Showkase auto-creates the thumbnails and they can be ordered with drag ‘n’ drops.

The galleries can be presented with a choice of multiple viewers (JuiceBox or SimpleViewer) where both supports a chic navigation with thumbnails prev-next and/or bullet navigation options.

There are 3 built-in themes and new themes can be created with ease (uses Smarty 3 template engine).

Showkase Demo

Besides these galleries, there is also a “Library” feature for uploading images and using them within the site.

Websites created work pretty fast as the app creates lightweight HTML pages and doesn’t make any database queries.

Also, when it comes to different devices and browsers, Showkase themes are responsive and they work well on tablets + mobile as well.

The giveaway

Showkase is giving away 3 Standard licenses ($49/each) to WRD readers.

In order to join the giveaway, just comment this article and winners will be sent 1 week later (4 Feb 2013) randomly with the query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=3627 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck.

The winners

Here they are:

  • dan linsky (comment #1066874)
  • Aaron F. (comment #1065950)
  • Barry (comment #1070139)


  • Paul

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