Semantic – A Front-End Framework With A Friendly Vocabulary

Semantic is an exciting new front-end framework that comes with a set of specifications for sharing UI elements between developers.

The vocabulary used (for classes and IDs) is much clear compared to alternatives which lowers the learning curve.

Semantic UI

There are styles for many HTML elements, UI elements and scenarios (buttons, forms, tables, accordion, navigation, commenting..).

LESS is used as the CSS pre-processor and Semantic is currently in a pre-release version but planned to be improved with much more stuff.

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  1. Reply Jens Grochtdreis October 7, 2013 at 7:29 AM

    This so-called framework is a kick in the face for all those people who cared for good code in the past and who pormoted websites with semantically correct code. When you look at the code examples, this horrible project promotes adding classes on divs instead of using the correct semantic elements.

    I filed the first issue on github just because of this and the inventor of this horrible project told me, that this is all on purpose.

    So please don’t advertise for this project. Even bootstrap with its felt megabytes of CSS is better than this beast. I am sure, one can use even this project in a good manner, but as there are so many well-thought CSS-frameworks to choose from, there is no need to push such a horrible project.

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