Simple CMS For Static Websites – Pulse CMS

Pulse CMS is a simple content management system for managing small and static websites.

It enables you to CMS-enable any existing website within few minutes by simply uploading the "pulse folder" to the website.

Pulse CMS

Using the application, you can define the editable blocks of the website and it can display those pages inside a WYSIWYG editor to make any changes on them.

It has a built-in image manager to control all the images of the website and a backup feature to get a copy of the whole website anytime.

The application is built with PHP and uses flat files to store the data which means no SQL database is required.

  • stephen

    very cool app!

  • that helps with little websites.

  • I’ve used a similar cms on a few of my websites called GetSimple which i think is more powerful than this.

    Good to see another xml based cms in the mix though.

  • Yap, very simple that deals with flat file, so easy to implement for non tech guy.

  • I would recommend this one:

    GetSimple is very good. gpEasy even better!

  • fab, ideal for easy cms

  • IL

    don’t forget Unify

  • My small and fast CMS 🙂
    Template CMS 0.9 Features:
    – Easy to install, use and update
    – Easy administration interface.
    – Multilingual interface administration. (English, Russian +)
    – Minimum requirements for web hosting (without sqlDB only PHP)
    – Keywords and description for each page and for all.
    – Easy page editor (WYSIWYG).
    – Create a backup of the site.
    – File Manager
    – Snippets
    – Ability to change themes.
    – Individual templates for pages
    – Friendly URLs.


  • I might start using this!