Simple & Free PHP Stats Script – ChiliStats

Almost every website owner tracks the statistics of their websites with the free and powerful Google Analytics.

The service has made a huge step forward with its "live stats" feature which shows the instant activity.

There are very few reasons left to use another solution to track stats where one of them is the lack of "live overall stats" (as Google Analytics still displays the overall stats with a delay) and the other is the need for using an open source system.


For anyone looking to see the overall stats in real-time and needs a simple/lightweight solution (compared to other options like Piwik), ChiliStats is an alternative.

The application is free, open source, built with PHP and uses MySQL for storing the data.

It presents a snapshot of the statistics -supported with charts- in a "OneView" page and sub-pages for viewing top-referrers, visited pages or referring keywords exist. And, a "History" page allows digging the statistics of past months.

ChiliStats also offers a stats counter widget to be integrated inside web pages.

  • Connie

    there are another reasons not to use Google Analytics, which may be unknown to USA-centric web users:

    Google Analytics does not follow european / german data protection laws / privacy protection laws

    a lot of your USA-allovertheworld-Web-Services are ignoring data protection / privacy protection

    See Facebook et al

  • yea… so infected with errors, my server chose not to run the scripts.

    Fun idea, but very icky programming

  • qwertyuiop

    What i love about Piwik is that they have an Android app on the Market and an Iphone app on the Appstore.

  • Norman

    before using chilistats you should check if you have magic_quotes_gpc enabled on your server. otherwise there are some really nasty sql-injection security problems.

  • hmmm… Google analytics now shows real time stats i think, but Chilistats is still a great alternative. 🙂