Simple Mailing List Script With PHP/MySQL

Simple Mailing List is a simple-yet-powerful and free mailing list manager script that is built with PHP/MySQL.

It helps you to control a mailing list by adding/removing members (one-by-one or in bulk), seeing the active/passive ones and sending mailings.

Every message sent can have an "unsubscribe link" and, optionally, the administrator can be notified about such updates via e-mail.

Simple Mailing List

E-mails to be sent can be both plain or HTML and they can be scheduled for a future date (works with cron jobs).

In order not to overload the e-mail server, the script has the ability to throttle/limit/queue messages.

Simple Mailing List keeps the archive of previous mailings and "how many users they were sent to".

Also, it is possible to create HTML templates and send your e-mails using them.

  • This will come in handy.

  • Bill

    Awesome, just what I was looking for. Thanks.

  • gracias amigo thanks men

  • Sydney Cox

    Thanks!!! Been looking for something like this for days!! I will use this!!

  • ramz lars

    i don’t know how to install it. i downloaded it and ftp it to my web but i don’t know how to install it to work.

    i’m a noob at web. inspiring to know things about website.


  • Jonathan

    Hi, thanks for this post, but i have one problem.. after i installed it in my server and when i add / create my first list nothing happens after i click on the save button.. it seems like it doesn’t do anything..

    Please help me if i missed something.

    thank you.

  • I cant see any front end demo if this script

  • Bobby

    This works great, with little modification to use with my existing site.