Slick Ajaxed Datagrids With jQuery – jTable

jTable is a jQuery plugin for creating Ajaxed and feature-rich CRUD interfaces with little effort.

The plugin generates all the HTML required and uses jQuery UI for "add new/edit record" dialogs.

Records can be browsed with Ajaxed pagination and they can be sorted (server-side) as well.


jTable can be set to display sub-tables for a given record which is handy for listing any sub-details.

The interface is completely themable via CSS (there are already several themes) and the resource is very well-documented.

P.S. There are samples provided on using jTable with PHP and ASP.NET

  • Snowbird

    Very cool….

  • Jeff

    Would be neat if it weren’t so ugly. I know it says theme by CSS but still, ug-o!

  • I agree. The backend code looks to work well but it needs someone to design an interface that doesn’t jump around each time you click on something. Makes it very hard to use when sorting through many records.