slideViewerPro: Flexible Gallery With jQuery

slideViewerPro is a totally customizable jQuery image gallery plugin.

It is derived from the popular slideViewer plugin & offering more features.

jQuery SlideViewerPro

The gallery is created from an unordered list with any number of images.

Some of the features are:

  • display images automatically
  • show captions on/off
  • shuffle on/off
  • custom prev-next buttons
  • ability to define the animation & slide periods
  • & more

The look & feel can be customized via CSS and from the settings of the plugin like the borders, colors, etc.

  • Forcing the user to make sure all the images have identical dimensions takes this plugin down a few notches for me.

  • Richard

    Just wondering if anyone can see a way to make this work with divs and displaying standard html content in each panel, using the thumbnails for the content selection?

    This is almost exactly what I am looking for but I am far to new to jquery to nut it out alone. Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.


  • Wow , This is an awesome jquery plugin

  • Celine

    Same here! Richard is right, i cant find any tutorial or assistance with this, and also, the page where it is explained doesnt make clear where to put some of the codes. I have al the .js files, still no responce.

  • alen

    hi, just now discovered this magical gallery and I’m customizing and understanding while I read very slowly, over and over again, each of the steps that clearly explains the author of the gallery.
    If anyone needs help or example may be able to help, write me at @

    success with that and everything else!