Smart CMS For Small Sites: GetSimple

GetSimple is an open source XML-based CMS application that is very easy to setup & customize.

The use of XML rather than a SQL database for storing the data makes it ideal for small websites. But this is a "plus" on the performance side as the risk for a "possible slowness while connecting to a SQL database" is eliminated.

GetSimple PHP CMS

GetSimple is built with PHP & offers a great feature which is the ability to "undo" almost every action, a time-saver on mistakes made.

The application has a simple & slick admin interface that is so easy to learn.

With a detailed documentation, it is possible to findout the details of GetSimple like "theme customization" or "how to create a contact form".

And, GetSimple enables you to backup & restore the entire website with just a click.

  • oh mr very very good script
    Dear friend I like scripts can piknik wanted me I Read site

  • Marc Neuhaus

    This CMS is for my taste way to immature.
    Just take a look at the source Code. Inline PHP in the core Files, no multi language capablities at all because of hard coded strings, etc.

    Nice UI and some nice ideas, but a bit rough implementation

    Greetings Marc

  • Looks pretty good for the small XML jobs – I wonder if I can modify this to have clients use it to modify their XML-driven flash apps I create.

    Have a few drinks before writing this post? You’ve got a few more spelling errors than usual. 🙂

  • Steve

    too bad it doesn’t support multiple users

  • @jzlosman,

    I think it is the weather :). Just fixed them.

  • @Marc – It’s still in it’s infancy stage – and in the roadmap I have listed the two things you’ve spoke of. Once I get a bug free package working, I will be updating with some of the roadmap features.

    @jzlosman – thanks! if you need any help, i’ve setup a google groups list to handle stuff like this.

    Thanks everyone for checking it out! I hope it works out for a couple people out there!

  • For file based CMS check out NanoCMS at

  • fo

    I’m going to have to disagree with the performance bit regarding xml vs sql. Unless you have a super-slow MySQL server, a DB connection is likely to perform as well or better than an xml implementation.

    XML does have other benefits over a DB driven site, but performance is not one of them.

  • I don’t think that a XML-based Application is faster than a databased. Usually these are faster, but maybe there is a good chaching….

  • very , that a XML-based Application is faster than a databased

  • ricbax

    Looks like a downsized WordPress, very simple, lookforward to seeing what happens though and if you can keep it simple and still give it some flexibility

  • Nice CMS, easy and lite. Thanks

  • thom

    Try Pulse CMS.

  • Atmoner

    I have tet this cms:

    It’s very good coding 😉