20+ Stunning Squarespace Examples to Model Your Site After

by May 22
examples of sites running on squarespace

Squarespace has proven to be a widely popular website building platform that has helped millions of people (currently 1.9 million) launch personal blogs, online businesses, and eCommerce shops. As one of the leading SaaS-based content management systems in the market today, Squarespace offers people an inexpensive and easy way to build websites from the ground up, regardless of skill level.

Many people prefer Squarespace because of its comprehensive nature. It comes with a dedicated website builder, tons of beautiful pre-designed templates, hosting, eCommerce functionality, a blogging platform, and so much more.

Because of this, we wanted to share with you some of the most stunning Squarespace examples you can model your own website after.

So, let the inspiration begin!

1. Slow Travel Magazine

slow travel magazine
Template: Brine family

Slow Travel Magazine leaves a great first impression thanks to the large homepage image slider that greets you once you arrive on its site. It also makes navigating the site, getting in touch, and following on social media a breeze. That’s because all of these elements are in the header section. There’s also a neatly organized blog section, complete with post title, excerpt, and a stunning featured image to spark interest.

2. Lucia Balcazar

lucia balcazar
Template: Avenue family

Lucia Balcazar is a creative that takes her skills and applies them to her website, earning her a spot in this roundup of Squarespace examples. She has created beautiful image galleries of her best work that open in using the Squarespace lightbox feature. She also connects straight to her Instagram account so people can immediately click and follow.

3. Julie Harmsen

julie harmsen
Template: Wexley family

Julie Harmsen is a wedding/family/lifestyle photographer that utilizes Squarespace’s grid layouts to ensure people focus on her photos and nothing else. To get a closer look at her photographs, hover over the image (notice the cool hover effect) and click. The gallery then turns into a paginated series so you can continue viewing – distraction free.

4. Kismet

Template: Avenue family

Kismet is a group of Los Angeles restaurants. The homepage is designed for customers to access information about all three restaurants from one unique location. It uses a bold color scheme to grab people’s attention and three links that lead to each respective restaurant. When you click one of the links, you are immediately taken to a mini site. Each mini site is complete with menu information, reservation booking, open positions, and even an online shop.

5. Salvage Solutions

salvage solutions
Template: Aviator family

Salvage Solutions is one of the coolest Squarespace examples on this list. To start, they are a company dedicated to helping people make use of reclaimed materials. But beyond that, each webpage has a natural looking background image that pulls together the written text and is visually appealing. Recent projects come with images and the ability to like, share, or comment on. And since it has a dedicated contact page, visiting in person, calling, or sending a quick email is simple.

6. Darren Booth

darren booth
Template: Flatiron family

Darren Booth uses the Squarespace platform to create a grid-like portfolio displaying his best works. You can read his blog that showcases video content and shop online for your favorite pieces. Plus, you can even follow him on social media by using the convenient social media links. Lastly, check out previous clients, subscribe to a newsletter, and even catch a glimpse of Darren’s Instagram account thanks to the Squarespace sections added near the bottom of the homepage.

7. Active Schools

active schools
Template: custom designed

Active schools is the type of website that keeps you scrolling. As you move down the homepage, more information instantly lazy loads so site performance and the user experience is never sacrificed. Furthermore, mid-page there is a large video that explains what the website’s core message is. You can subscribe to the newsletter or donate by clicking on the CTA buttons. And if you want to share their message with others, you can follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even YouTube.

8. SJK Audio

sjk audio
Template: Brine family

SJK Audio is one of those Squarespace examples you don’t forget. It’s the perfect blend of black, complete with pops of color to draw attention and encourage action, without distracting from the overall vibe. This one page website has a slick vertical slider that follows you as you scroll, so you always know where you’re at on the site. There’s also a testimonials section, audio clips you can listen to, and a services section complete with a CTA to get in touch.

9. Rodarte

Template: custom designed

Rodarte is an online retailer of stylish clothing that takes Squarespace and makes it fancy. The quickly changing, fullscreen slider gallery makes you stick around to see what’s coming next. Other than that, the homepage has a simple navigation menu that guides you through the rest of the site and social media icons so you can easily like, follow, or view their video content.

10. Bandsintown

Template: custom designed

Bandsintown is a custom designed Squarespace site that uses dark, bold colors and material design to make its presence known. As each section on the homepage loads, you see simple effects revealing icons, text, and call to action buttons, making this a stand out website. The navigation menu is sticky, so you can always click away and explore other parts of the site if you want to. And to make the most of the footer section, Bandsintown adds menu links, social media icons, and a large logo that once clicked redirects you to the top of the site.

11. Dixie Chicks

dixie chicks
Template: Pacific family

The Dixie Chicks are a well-known country band that is no stranger to site traffic. And yet, Squarespace handles their popularity with ease. The stunning image below the header section lets you know right away you’re in the right place. There are audio clips so you can listen to their music before buying it, a gallery of Instagram photos that link out to their account, and even a fullscreen search bar in the footer if you’re looking for something in particular.

12. Blue Dog

blue dog
Template: Tremont family

Blue Dog claims to be an “eclectic healthy eatery” and their web design follows suit. The words eat, drink, and visit are links leading you to different locations and corresponding menus. But the neatest thing about this Squarespace site, is the hover effect when you place your mouse over these words. Each word has its own image attached to it and as you move over them individually, you are presented with a beautiful background image. On this site you’ll also enjoy a tasteful image gallery, a convenient way to make reservations, and social share icons for staying up to date.

13. A Fabulous Fete

a fabulous fete
Template: Brine family

A Fabulous Fete is one of our soft feminine Squarespace examples. Featuring a light pastel color scheme, cursive fonts, and lots of pretty things, the overall design matches the site owners reason for having a site in the first place: she creates, designs, and shares her knowledge with other creatives. Subscribe to her newsletter using the built-in subscribe box, read her latest blog post, follow her on social media, and of course, shop for stationery, cards, envelopes, stamps, and so much more.

14. Freemans Restaurant

freemans restaurant
Template: Pacific family

Freemans Restaurant is a solid example of what Squarespace offers restaurant owners by way of design and functionality. To start, this website leaves a lasting impression with its fullscreen header image. As you scroll down, you’ll see beautiful background images with text overlay conveying information about the restaurant’s menu items. But best of all, if you want to give someone the gift of dining at Freemans Restaurant, you can purchase gift cards online thanks to the simple Squarespace checkout page.

15. Uppercase Magazine

uppercase magazine
Template: Five family

Uppercase Magazine grabs your attention right away with the cute fullscreen animation that appears once you arrive. It also catches your attention after a little bit of activity with a popup subscribe box that invites you to sign up in exchange for a $15 off coupon. Follow the team on Instagram (after seeing the gallery of images), browse and buy books they’ve published, and even get involved by submitting your own work for publication in print, online, and on their site for others to see.

16. Architecture Information

architecture information
Template: Forte family

Architecture Information takes their Squarespace template and turns it into something truly unique. For instance, the homepage is covered from top to bottom with an ever-changing image slider that you can click on too. Navigate to other parts of the website, follow on social media, and even get in touch using the menu items. And if you’re curious about Architecture Information’s latest projects, view their beautiful image galleries that turn into sliders once you click on a single image.

17. Elle & Co.

elle & co.
Template: Bedford family

Elle & Co. takes advantage of whitespace and a sectional homepage to covey a lot of information at once without overwhelming site visitors. Check out Elle’s blog posts, podcast, and services by clicking on any one of the standout CTA buttons. In addition,you can see where Elle & Co. has been featured in the small section near the bottom of the homepage, click on the hamburger menu icon and view the vertical menu that slides in, and of course, follow Elle and her team on social media.

18. Pat Blute

pat blute
Template: Aviator family

Pat Blute is another one of our Squarespace examples that uses his homepage to display one large image that catches your attention right away. Other than a simple navigational menu, the only other element on Pat’s homepage are social media icons. That said, his portfolio has large and beautiful imagery and video content. And the About page has plenty of external links to show you just what he is capable of producing.

19. Fotio

Template: Avenue family

Fotio is a simple and minimal Squarespace website that ensures site visitors know what they are all about. This is in large part to the large image slider that you see immediately upon arriving. Additionally, the mixture of color and black and white photography gives customers a sense of what their services can provide. Complementing the imagery is plenty of written text and a link to the reservation form for those that want to rent the photo “boothless” booth. Read up on some FAQs, check out upcoming events, and even read some testimonials to decide whether Fotio is something you want to use.

20. From Roses

from roses
Template: Brine family

From Roses is another feminine Squarespace theme that uses soft color schemes, font pairings that are strong and subtle at the same time, and beautiful images to make you say “ooh.” Plus, this site also uses the large search bar at the bottom of the homepage that we’ve seen on previous Squarespace sites, similar social media icons, and a bold CTA button if you want to get in touch and work with this lifestyle photographer/blogger.

21. PICA Things We Love

PICA things we love
Template: Galapagos family

PICA Things We Love is the perfect example of how Squarespace gives you the tools to create a simple portfolio. The organized grid layout is appealing to the eye, and the use of whitespace ensures site visitors aren’t drawn to too many things at once. When you click on a portfolio item that you like, you are brought to its product page so you can buy it if you want. There’s also a distinct search bar, social media icons, and a subscribe call to action button site visitors can click on to sign up.

22. Edible Boston

edible boston
Template: Brine family

Edible Boston is a little different than most of the Squarespace examples up until now. For example, it focuses on content and takes advantage of the fact that Squarespace supports multiple authors with ease. It also has cool featured images and posts titles, lets you comment on your favorite content, and has delicious recipes to try for yourself. Plus, follow them on Instagram so you never miss a thing (thanks to the Instagram feed highlighting their best and latest images).

23. Mike Kelley

mike kelley
Template: Supply family

Mike Kelley is a serious photographer that monetizes his skill and uses Squarespace to showcase his work. There’s a dedicated FAQ page for those that need clarification and menu items linking to categories of work. There are also add to cart buttons (and a social share icon) to guide you through to the checkout page. Lastly, if you need to get in touch with Mike, there’s a simple contact form to fill out.


And there you have it! Some of the best Squarespace examples found on the internet today you can use if you’re in need of a little web design and functionality guidance.

If you’ve decided on a Squarespace template for your new website, but need help choosing a domain name, be sure to check out this roundup of the best domain name generators around. And if you aren’t sure Squarespace is for you, be sure to peruse our roundup of fantastic Wix examples and see if that platform has what you need instead.

Have you ever used Squarespace for your blog, online business, or eCommerce shop? Which template did you use? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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