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Impressive Datagrid Component For Dojo – drid

dgrid is an open source, advanced and highly flexible datagrid component for Dojo. It makes use of modern web technologies, lightweight in size and runs pretty fast. The functionality can be extended with ready-to-use column plugins (editor, tree, etc.) and extensions (drag 'n' drop, pagination..). Any new ...


Database From JavaScript: Taffy DB

For JavaScript and AJAX applications, Taffy DB is a beautiful tool. Taffy DB is an open source JavaScript library that acts as a data layer inside the applications. Just think of it as a SQL database in your web browser. Let's say you have a collection of products and you want to find every product that costs ...


What You See Is What You Ajax: WaveMaker

Creating ajax applications are now much easier with WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio for both developers and users with even no JavaScript experience. WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is a visual builder that helps ceating web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. Best of all, it does not require ...