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Domain Search Simplified: PCNames.com

Finding a name is an important part of every project and this process is getting harder and harder as many domain names are already taken. PCNames.com is a website that helps finding a domain in a more organized way with the usability it offers. First of all, the interface is pretty plain and this eases focusing on ...


LaunchSplash: Free Launch Page Creator

LaunchSplash is a fresh web based service which enables you to create a free launch page. Creating a launch page is not a difficult task for a developer/designer. On the other hand, LaunchSplash offers some free tools like: E-mail signup form 25+ templates Ability to override CSS Traffic ...


223° DNSPinger: DNS Update Notifier By WebResourcesDepot

Many users updating a domain's DNS addresses while switching web hosting companies, probably, has an experience with new DNS addresses not being activated in a short time & spent some time with checking if they are activated or not. DNSPinger is free web-based service that checks the domain name provided every 3 ...