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Extend The Capabilities Of CSS With CSScaffold

CSScaffold is a PHP-powered CSS framework which will improve the development time by extending the CSS language. A great thing about the framework is, "it is written exactly like CSS", so, no need to learn a new syntax. How it works? CSScaffold sits in your CSS directory, & uses .htaccess files to ...


Learn – Test Regular Expressions With The Regulator

Regex (regular expressions) always seem hard to learn but once learned, it gives you power to solve many complicated coding tasks easily. With the JavaScript and SEO (for mod_rewrite) oriented web, Regex is a must-know for developers. What is Regex? A regular expression, often called a pattern, is an expression that ...


Generate .htaccess Files Online Using .htaccess Editor

For URL rewriting, directory protection, url forwarding or other advanced purposes, every web developer or website owner uses .htaccess files frequently. .htaccess coding can be very complex depending on what is wanted to be achieved. For standard, simple usage, the commands are easy to use and even easier with the ...