• Piggy and Tazzy

    I couldn’t help leaving a comment over there on the – in my opinion – very poor ‘prizes’ awarded.

    Okay, so $100 wasn’t bad, I suppose, for the winning entry. Except that it WASN’T the entry that was submitted!

    By their own admission they agreed to change the winners slogan from what was submitted to something else! Hardly a winning slogan then, was it?

    As for the ‘credits’ given to the runners up (who didn’t have their submissions changed to something else), their award isn’t even enough to get something resembling decent.

    Finally, I couldn’t stop laughing at the ‘4 credits awarded to everyone who submitted and entry and who has an account with us’ bit… Only 4? That’s only just about enough to get a freebie from them, seeing as even a bit of clipart starts at 5.

    Terribly poor. I almost feel embarrassed for them.

  • YouLee

    I wonder what slogan would you choose? 🙂

  • “Designer’s Сyberstore” Really? Does anyone use Cyber anymore…