Test (Sample) Data Generators


Sample / test data is an effective way to test web projects & applications. Other than meaningless data, real names, addresses, zip codes can make the whole testing stage easier.

WebResourcesDepot have collected some nice free test data generators which you may find useful:



GenerateData is a free, open source script written in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL that lets you quickly generate large volumes of custom data in a variety of formats for use in testing software, populating databases.

Generate Sample Data

Some features:

  • (JS-enabled) browser-friendly.
  • Many data types available: names, phone numbers, email addresses, cities, states, provinces, counties, dates, street addresses, number ranges, alphanumeric strings, lorem ipsum text and more.
  • Option to generate data in XML, Excel, HTML, CSV or SQL.
  • Country specific data (state / province / county) for Canada, US, Netherlands and UK.



DBMonster is a tool that generates random test data and inserts it into SQL database.

Test Data Generator


CSV Data Generator

This is a Ruby based free test data generator.



Datagenerator is a library and GUI for generating rule based test data for various databases like Mysql, Firebird, Interbase, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

Data Generator



Data generator tool which supports many data types (primitive data types,but also names,addresses,post codes,etc.) and generates data in various formats (text,xml,db).It provides a GUI and is extensible by means of plugging-in new data-generator classes.


Spawner Data Generator

Spawner is a generator of sample/test data for databases. It can be configured to output delimited text or SQL insert statements. It can also insert directly into a MySQL 5.x database. Includes many field types, most of which are configurable.


Test Dictionary

A Java interface that quickly returns random proper names, terms and connectors. Useful for populating realistic test data.


Fresh Trash Generator

This is a Java utility package for generate random test data.

  • Good project , thanks.

  • Interesting set of resources … looks like you’ve got just about every angle covered. Realistic looking test data ( beyond lorem ipsum ) is important for real-world applications.

  • Abx78

    What about the sogame FF extension?


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  • Renato Garcia

    Take a look at http://databene.org/ also.

  • Tristan Denmat

    Hi all,

    you should take a look at the free community edition of Gedis (www.genielog.fr). This tool really helps you to produce sophisticated and realistic data for your tests.

  • jorgenorid

    Thaks a lot

  • R3D

    Nice one, thank you.

  • mcanti

    For generating persons/identities: http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/gen-random-gr-gr.php for different countries

  • Farouk

    thanks alot

  • Martin

    Here is something for generating latitude/longitude values: http://www.routegen.com

  • I wrote a test data generator project for Data Synchronisation Studio. It can generate a large dataset consisting of 100s of millions of rows of realistic testing data. Here is a blog post all about it. http://www.simego.com/Blog/2012/02/Test-Data-Generator-Download-for-Data-Sync

  • We are working on making our tool better!
    Help us with feedback and support the test data generator team. Currently with over 2,000 different first names, 15 data types and over 10,000 fake company names.


  • Take a look at DataRoller – a new project just released at dataroller.sourceforge.net.

    From the user manual: “DataRoller is a Java application that will insert piles of good looking data into your favorite databases so you can move in and be happy.”

    DataRoller inserts rows into a database based on a file describing your tables and columns.

    Sample DataRoller file to populate an invoices table:

    table invoices
       insert 4 rows
       invoice_id    sequence(),
       alt_key_uid   guid(),
       name          lorem(20..80),
       label         pattern(“UU-NNNN”),
       status        choice(“UNK”,”SHP”,”CLS”, “OPN”,”INP”)

  • Since some time I am working on a test data generation tool aimed at testers and QA people, not aiming at technical DBA’s and developers.

    The advantage over other tools is that it uses the javascript engine from the browser to generate lots of data, so you don’t need to install any software.

    Please take some time to review my application and list it if you find it ok.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    http://tedagen.com – TEst DAta GENerator