Tips For Faster Websites By Google

Inside the "Let’s make the web faster" website, Google is sharing the tips & tutorials for better performing webpages.

Some of the articles are:

Website Optimization

Besides the articles, It is possible to reach videos of speeches by several organizations on website performance.

Also, links to various tools for the issue provided & a large community discusses the subject continiously.

  • Some very usefull tips ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Ummmm, pretty simple stuff there. Not bad for beginners though and see there is a lot of potential for the project to expand with more advanced tips.

    Can’t see it on there, but use a CSS compressor (loads out there) to compress the CSS file ON YOUR SERVER ONLY… always keep the original CSS files on your HD’s site root with all your comments in etc, or you will be in trouble !!! This can reduce your CSS file size by considerable amounts.

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