Twitter-Like Project Collaboration Tool: Teambox

Teambox is an open source platform that enables teams to collaborate on projects with a Twitter-like interface.

The application is built with Ruby on Rails and, besides the open source version, has a hosted version too.

Users can create an unlimited number of projects & tasks, assign them to their colleagues, share messages, files & much more.


Users can start a conversation instantly, create pages to store information & Teambox can integrate clients to the system to colaborate with them easily.

The application is multilingual, has support for mobile phones & offers a read-only API for integrations with 3rd party softwares.

  • WRD you are a God send, You posted the perfect tool which our team had been looking for years. Thanks a millions. Keep up the good work.


  • Jenny

    I’ve tried so many tools to manage my projects (commercial and free) but after trying Teambox for some weeks with my team this was the best fit!

  • This is a great tool! I am definitely plugging into this. Thanks!

  • I am going to download this and try it tonight.

  • hubble

    It´s a fake offer. Nothing to download and install local. It´s a barefaced kind to hire their Webspace with this loss leader.

  • @hubble,

    Just check here: