Udemy – Online Courses For Creatives (Giveaway Of 3 Courses You Want)

Today, everything around us are evolving very fast and we always need to stay up-to-date + learn new stuff to keep being a part of them.

If we take the work-life of a designer/developer as a base, there are many new tools, softwares and techniques appearing each day. Clients now expect websites with HTML5-CSS3 or more & more printing houses ask for .AI files rather than .EPS when you are about to get a business card printed.

Simply, there are always new things to learn. And, if you find it easier to learn from experts, there is Udemy, a place to find online courses on everything where the teachers are real experts.


Here are some of the popular courses which you may be interested in:

And, there are many other courses including free ones like the "iPhone App Design: How To Make A Top Selling iPhone App With Great Design" or "SEO Tips and Tricks with SEOmoz".

How to join the giveaway?

In order to get a chance to win one of the "1 any course you want" given away to 3 WRD readers:

  • create an Udemy account
  • and comment to this post (please mention your Udemy account e-mail in the "comment e-mail" field).

Winners will be selected randomly on 3 July 2012 (a week later) with the query below and announced as an update to this post .

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Roger Willis (comment #629547)
  • Robert Durish (comment #629208)
  • Christopher Vrooman (comment #630296)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.