Vagrant – Instant & Custom Development Environments

There are times that we need different development environments for different projects.

This can be the PHP version, usage of Apache or IIS, the database to be used or even the defaults of the machine (language, time, etc.).

Vagrant, an open source tool, is enabling us to create custom development environments so quickly.


It is built on top of Oracle’s VirtualBox (that is available on Win, Mac and Linux) and allows us to define an environment per project with simple commands.

We can save this environment, also move it (it is portable) and activate whenever wanted. We’ll be sure that we are working with the right tools, versions, etc.

That is great considering we are installing new stuff to our computers each day and a given project may not work as expected the next day as we may have removed its dependencies. Also, for teams, it makes sure that each team member develops within the same environment.