WebMatrix: All-In-One Web Development Kit From Microsoft

WebMatrix is a free kit by Microsoft which includes everything you need for creating websites on Windows.

The application itself enables you to control almost everything from a single interface like the code and database editor, web site and server management, search optimization, FTP publishing, and more.

Microsoft WebMatrix

The kit comes with:

  • IIS Developer Express (a development Web server)
  • ASP.NET (a Web framework)
  • SQL Server Compact (an embedded database)

and with just a click, you can install open source applications like WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc.

WebMatrix has also some nice features like the ability to run a SEO report or monitor real-time Web requests and responses to track down problems right at the source.

  • Wow Microsoft is taking a step in the right direction…

  • Sounds fantastic.
    Is there a download link to get the whole app at once? A stand-alone installer?

  • Trimper

    Seems like it has potential, although I dislike the fact that it will not allow me to install the product without installing IIS. I’m an LAMP guy that wants nothing to do with MS/IIS.

    I was just intrigued in the all-in-one aspect of this tool. I may just stick with Komodo Edit 😉

  • xiayu

    This is very redundant, i don’t like.

  • David

    I would never develop a web site under MS technology. It’s a danger for its future scalability.
    They can change technology whenever they want, like Apple does.
    Use open-source kits. It’s a warrant.

  • Doug

    Can this work with just PHP+MySQL (i.e. not with ASP.NET Microsoft stuff)? More specifically, can I create a PHP application/website using WebMatrix and upload it to my regular Linux host, perhaps using CodeIgnitor?

  • Laverrod

    Doug: I believe it can use PHP as at least one of the templates are based on PHP. You should try it out.

  • the free resources that microsoft are giving us will increase smoothly the produtivity in our jobs.
    in my opinion, the bad things that most of us have in mind about MS are mistakes.
    they’re contributing on the same way of open source projects and we’re not forced to use they technologies, but most of works that they do are well done.
    Nice post.