wForms: Easy JavaScript Form Controls

For the projects that you don’t already have form controls, wForms is an open source unobtrusive JavaScript form controls library that you’ll find very useful.

Form Assembly

It includes input validation, tooltips, field synchronization controls and more.

How to use wForms?

It is pretty easy. After inserting the javaScript library to your pages you can control the field attributes with classes like:

<input type="text" ... class="required"/>

inserts the a required field control for this input.

Paging with navigation is also another nice control which makes multi-step forms easy to handle.

  1. Reply Dominik March 3, 2011 at 6:55 AM

    I’ve spend now two hours in trying to get this working. I’ve uploaded all files and set all paths correctly. Everything is loading fine, but when I try to open the page, it’s simply blank. 🙁 – There seems to be a problem in this script…

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